Saturday, January 8, 2011

Round two!

Hello again! I was able to make it to The Home for Wayward Polishes once this week-it would have been twice but Old Man Winter kept me from going back today. I got called in to work my regular job because one of my bro-workers was snowed in. What a wimp.

Enough about me-on to the polish! If you were on a waitlist for the MPJ I have gotten more in so please contact me via email. For those of you that had submitted blog comments earlier I tried to reply but not sure if they went through so I've hopefully disabled commenting. You MUST email me at to get in on this blog sale. No more MUA mail either-I'm not sure if I'm violating their TOS or not but I'm not risking getting deleted. Been there too long!

Soooooooo, aside from more MPJs I found:
  • China Glaze Martini Pedicure-blue glass flecks from 2005's Martini Pedicure collection.  $8 each/6 available (some evaporation but not used, came from sealed box)
  • China Glaze Martini Lunch-pink glass flecks-$8 each/6 available (some evaporation but not used, came from sealed box)
  • OPI Designer Series Coronation $9/3 available
  • OPI Designer Series Opulence $8/4 available
  • OPI Designer Series Glow $8/4 available
  • OPI Designer Series Extravagance $8/1 available
  • OPI Glimmery Gold Top Coat $3/2 available
The following are from my stash-I had a real problem buying backups of some things. All are new unless otherwise noted.
  • Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure $15/2 available
  • Claire's Dream Catcher $5/1 available
  • Finger Paints Magenta Mood $10/1 available 
  • Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud $12/1 available
  • Color Club Revvvolution (not a dud, regular cap) $4/2 available
  • China Glaze Emerald Sparkle $5/2 available
  • Borghese Stellare Notte, used for 1 mani $4
  • Sally Hansen Concrete and Mystic Lilac $3 each/1 of each available
  • set of three Sinful flakies in Red Ocean, Pink Ocean and Deep Blue Ocean $6 for all three, must go as a set
  • set of three China Glaze glitters-Nova, Millenium and Cleopatra $15 for all three, must go as a set
  • Nail Tek foundation II .5 oz $5/1 available
  • Sally Hansen Nail Quencher base coat $5/2 available
  • ...Barrielle Mani Extender $5/1 available

I also found a stash of OPI Crystal Files-brought back four to see if you'd be interested. $8 each!
So that's it for this month's additions. Hopefully I will find some more cool stuff next time. Thanks to everyone who's participated in this blog sale.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watch this space!

Hello internets! I will be adding some new items this week so stay tuned. Also, if you had expressed interest in a polish but haven't sent payment after I gave you a shipping quote, please do so by January 7th or I will assume you've changed your mind. No hard feelings, mind you but there are people on waitlists that would like some new shiny stuff too!


Friday, December 24, 2010

quick update

Holy schnikes, y'all! I'm inundated with email and am getting through it as best I can so please bear (or is it bare? I never could get that straight) with me. I can tell I am going to have a nice list of things to hunt for on my next trip to The Home for Wayward Polishes. In the interim, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday if that's your thing. I call it Christmas but I'm down with the other holidays too!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

first sale

China Glaze Nervy Neons set-I have access to multiples of these so let me know if you are interested if this one sells and I will put you on a waiting list for it. The only thing I know about this collection is that it contains the very swell color Limonyte. This set is $25 plus shipping.

Here's OPI Jasper Jade! Did I just hear an audible gasp? The bottles are cruddy but the polish is fine. The one I bought is from the same litter as these (so now there's only 5 available) and I took a baby wipe to my bottle to get it cleaned up. In doing so it took off some of the lettering on the bottle. So caveat emptor-I would try rinsing it off with plain water, careful as to not get the bottom label wet. These are $25 each, limit one per person (don't want to enable eBay scalpers if I can help it!) and insurance would have to be added to your shipping.

The original OPI My Private Jet-I took these out of a box marked Night Brights which according to interwebs tells me this is the original, holographic charcoal version not that brown poop OPI currently is selling. Right now I have three bottles but have access to more so I can wait list you. These are $30, one per customer and insurance will be added to shipping.

OPI Mad As A Hatter-sorry for the crummy pictures! $22.50 each (2 available)

Weren't you just saying "I need a backup of this?"-lol. AA $10 each (2 available)

OPI Designer Series polishes-I have 1 of each of:

  • Amethyst $10 each
  • Exclusive $20 each
  • Royal $18 each
  • Fantasy $12 each

OPI mini sets from Holiday 2009 that contain Dear Santa, Glove You So Much, Smitten w/Mittens and Meet & Jingle. 1 set available with access to more so I can waitlist you-$15.

Creative Nail/CND Blue Blood-there is some evaporation as you can see in the bottle but they are new, I removed them from a box that said Mogul on it. If you are interested in the other polishes from that collection let me know-I have 2 of these right now with access to 4 more