Friday, December 24, 2010

quick update

Holy schnikes, y'all! I'm inundated with email and am getting through it as best I can so please bear (or is it bare? I never could get that straight) with me. I can tell I am going to have a nice list of things to hunt for on my next trip to The Home for Wayward Polishes. In the interim, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday if that's your thing. I call it Christmas but I'm down with the other holidays too!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

first sale

China Glaze Nervy Neons set-I have access to multiples of these so let me know if you are interested if this one sells and I will put you on a waiting list for it. The only thing I know about this collection is that it contains the very swell color Limonyte. This set is $25 plus shipping.

Here's OPI Jasper Jade! Did I just hear an audible gasp? The bottles are cruddy but the polish is fine. The one I bought is from the same litter as these (so now there's only 5 available) and I took a baby wipe to my bottle to get it cleaned up. In doing so it took off some of the lettering on the bottle. So caveat emptor-I would try rinsing it off with plain water, careful as to not get the bottom label wet. These are $25 each, limit one per person (don't want to enable eBay scalpers if I can help it!) and insurance would have to be added to your shipping.

The original OPI My Private Jet-I took these out of a box marked Night Brights which according to interwebs tells me this is the original, holographic charcoal version not that brown poop OPI currently is selling. Right now I have three bottles but have access to more so I can wait list you. These are $30, one per customer and insurance will be added to shipping.

OPI Mad As A Hatter-sorry for the crummy pictures! $22.50 each (2 available)

Weren't you just saying "I need a backup of this?"-lol. AA $10 each (2 available)

OPI Designer Series polishes-I have 1 of each of:

  • Amethyst $10 each
  • Exclusive $20 each
  • Royal $18 each
  • Fantasy $12 each

OPI mini sets from Holiday 2009 that contain Dear Santa, Glove You So Much, Smitten w/Mittens and Meet & Jingle. 1 set available with access to more so I can waitlist you-$15.

Creative Nail/CND Blue Blood-there is some evaporation as you can see in the bottle but they are new, I removed them from a box that said Mogul on it. If you are interested in the other polishes from that collection let me know-I have 2 of these right now with access to 4 more